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Jodi Taub, LCSW

Therapy for Adults, Adolescents, & Children

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The Private Practice of Jodi Taub, LCSW is focused on providing high-quality assessment and treatment through a flexible and approachable perspective.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of direct care experience working with children, adolescents, and adults. In my traditional practice, I conduct individual, couples, family, and group therapy. In my non traditional work, I am also an expert lecturer and public speaker and podcast guest.

Studies have shown that the greatest predictor of treatment success is a positive relationship between the therapist and patient. I believe that the patient’s ability to connect with their therapist is the cornerstone of treatment. In order to share sincere experiences and expose vulnerabilities, you must feel comfortable with your mental health provider.

My theoretical perspective is based on a cognitive behavioral approach. I have a direct and interactive style which works best with patients who are motivated to participate in treatment. Although addressing emotional issues can be challenging at times, therapy does not always have to be a serious and difficult experience. My patients report looking forward to attending their sessions, and the positive impact that therapy has had upon their lives.


*I am currently licensed in the state of NJ, in addition to NY, throughout the COVID-19 term. Due to COVID-19 all session are via telehealth.


Jodi was always flexible and understanding of my schedule. I enjoyed conversation with her and felt I could share anything.

I have been seeing Jodi for 1.5 years and I can only say great things about her. Within a few sessions, she helped me realize that I was actually misdiagnosed and worked with my doctor to switch to the right medication. She is always responsive, doesn't let me get away with talking in circles without making necessary action (which many therapists do!) and has helped me tremendously. I could not recommend her highly enough.

I've been working with Jodi for over a year now. I was actively trying to find a therapist to help me better manage my anxiety. After trial and error with several other therapists, Jodi was the only one that I really resonated with. I immediately felt like she was someone I could trust. She is just so easy to talk to and pushes me to be the best version of myself. I even find myself telling her things that I have never told anyone, not even a therapist before in the past. Jodi has helped beyond my anxiety though. I tell people that my therapist is also my life coach, career coach, and overall well being coach. She just really cares. I honestly cant say enough positives about working with her.

My favorite part of therapy with Jodi is that she doesn't sit and wait in silence for you to speak. She asks thoughtful questions that allows you to open up. She also just tells you how it is (with empathy), which is very much appreciated.

My anxiety is now in a manageable state, which it has never been... ever! Jodi has taught me coping mechanisms and how to identify my triggers. We often walk through different life scenarios and put plans in place on how to tackle them when they arise. I feel more prepared, self aware, and self secure after a year+ of working together. I honestly look forward to each and every session. 

When searching for a therapist for the first time I was lucky enough to find Jodi on the first try. I've really felt she has taught me coping skills I'll use for the rest of my life. She is so professional and I feel very comfortable with her. With therapy it is hard for me to open up and fully communicate but she helps me take things at my pace and is an honest and reassuring voice. I recommend Jodi to people all the time and I definitely see myself continuing seeing her.

I've been working with Jodi for the last five years, and she has truly been an absolute pleasure. She's been instrumental in my personal journey through understanding my mental health and addressing underlying issues that had plagued me for years prior. I recommend her whenever possible to those looking for guidance for the first time.